Book a hot air balloon flight


Standard Flight

The flight is minimum one hour and we will ascend anywhere from rock formations to several thousand feet.

Once you’re airborne your pilot will point out the spectacular sites of Cappadocia,from Red Valley to the Goreme and vineyards to rock formations,absolutely beauty of the nature.

Our flying area has many wonderful things to see.

Depending on the number of the people that sign up for the standard balloon ride, we use basket with a capacity of 20-24 people.

The flight will last minimum 60 minutes.

Price: 175€ cash/ 185€ Credit card  per person


Comfort Flight

Comfort flight is our new premium standard flight that is configured between deluxe flights and standard flights which lasts minimum one hour with a maximum capacity of 16 people in the balloon. Comfort Flight appeal to passengers who currently fly standard flight but who would appreciate more spacious room and prefer to fly in a small size balloon.

Depending on the number of the people that sign up for the comfort balloon ride, we use basket with a capacity of 12 or 16 people maximum.

Price: 210€ Cash / 220€ Credit card  per person, per flight.


Deluxe Flight

In addition to our short flights, we also offer a single Deluxe Fight which lasts minimum one and a half hours.

On the short flights, one gets a good feeling of flying over Cappadocia,for the ones who would like to have more,we offer the deluxe flight.

Our pilots say that “Duration of ‘minimum one and a half hour’ is an ideal time both to have the feeling of flying and to see ‘a lot’ in this unique landscape”.

The most important thing about the Deluxe Flight is the size of the basket.

When we say 12 people on board it means you are flying in a 16 people basket with max  12 people on board.

Price: 300€ per person, per flight.

Exclusive Flight

We fly through the Cappadocian Valleys for one and a half hours in a private balloon for only “two”  or  “four” passengers.

Our personal touch and professional experience will definitely make your flight “a memorable event” for long years to come.

Our Vista basket is the only example in the world for hot air balloon flights. Its a seated basket which you can enjoy the scenery while you are having your champagne.

Your exclusive balloon ride will be created to your desires and wishes from the time we collect you from your location.

Price: 1000 per person, per flight.